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Playing one Number on Roulette

Roulette is one of the most famous casino games. It will be hard to find a person who doesn’t know what a roulette wheel looks like even if he never played the game. To win a big amount of money on roulette you will need a lot of luck not to say that it is pretty much impossible. The fact is that many players win on roulette but it is easy to forget that they also lose. If you find the idea of playing one number this article will give you some information about how that works.

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One lucky Number

There is a certain charm to playing one number only. You will never forget where to put your chips on the table and you can’t really make mistakes in this area with only one number in mind. Once you decide to go for that lucky number of yours there is a slight risk of getting obsessed but it could make it more fun and relaxing to play on many different wheels in different casinos.

The Odds of one Number

On the American wheel your odds for the one number bet is 1:35. This means that you will see a very nice sum of money if you win. When you look at the odds for this bet you also need to look at the probabilities for actually winning. While the even money bets have a percentage closer to 50 for probability of winning this bet is down to 2, 63%. If this makes you feel discouraged you might want to reconsider playing with one number only. The truth is that players who do this aren’t too busy looking at the odds as these are simply against it.

Winning with one Number

There is a certain thrill and excitement to winning roulette with one number. The feeling of beating the odds and walking off with a handsome sum of money has gotten many to dream roulette dreams. Dreams or not, it does happen and when a high roller succeeds with the one number bet people are amazed. The problem is that once a person wins with one number they might find it hard to stop. While chasing another sensation like this they end up blowing all of the money from the first amazing win.

The point of Roulette

Let’s not forget the point of roulette. It would be a grave mistake to think that this game is about winning the money. You can’t beat the roulette table and therefore you’d be an idiot if you’d feel upset when losing money on the game. Placing the one number bet should be about the excitement and not about chasing the riches. With this attitude you will always be a successful roulette player whether you win or not!

It is almost impossible to win the one number bet on roulette but when you do it will be like nothing else you have ever experienced in all of your life!

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