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Blackjack – How much should I bet?

It can be hard for a beginner player as well as the more seasoned blackjack gambler to know just how much to bet on each individual game. Betting too much can be scary but with small bets the game isn’t as lucrative as one surely wants it to be. Knowing just how much to bet on blackjack does take experience but beginner players are wise to set up some kind of rules for how much they can bet as they progress to higher levels of blackjack.

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Big Bets

There are players that always make big bets on their blackjack and they win. When they win they look at sums of money that could work for them as their sole income. It could tempt anyone to quit their regular job and make money on blackjack but even the professional player knows that the big bets come with a risk. You can’t always win at blackjack, no matter how skilled you are. There will always be an element of luck involved in the game and therefore it is not wise to always make the big bets, even if your bankroll supports it. A beginner player should stay away from them while the intermediate could try to put more money in every now and then for the fun of it.

Small Bets

Small bets are safe but boring. You don’t risk losing a lot but you also won’t look forward to great winnings. This is the ideal setting for the beginner blackjack player who certainly will lose a lot in the first rounds. Everyone advance at the pace that suits their personality and small bets can make that first shaky period of gambling less painful. Even as you find yourself playing more skilled and successful blackjack it could be wise to return to the small bets when you find that you are in a low period. Start betting big again when your games start to look good and smooth again!

Length of the Session

Don’t forget that the amount of time you put into your blackjack also will affect your betting. Some players will sit for hours, several days a week and this will cost more even with the small bets. When you calculate how much you are going to bet on blackjack you must include the amount of games you estimate that you will play. Keep an eye on how many rounds you play per hour and make a note so that you can make the correct calculation for your spending.

Striking a Balance

By considering the advice above you will strike a balance in your blackjack betting. Remember that it can take some time before you can see a specific pattern for your blackjack games. Knowing just how to bet comes with the experience. Keep most best small and try the bigger ones now and then and continue this pattern till you know for sure that your bankroll can hold more.

The beginner should stick to small bets in blackjack while the more advanced player can risk bigger bets and hopefully win more money.

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